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Sass and Serenity:
A Wellness Dance Party

10% of ticket sales will be donated to Stop The Silence, a non-profit organization that spreads awareness and prevention of domestic violence.

When:  12/31/2023 2-4 pm

Where:  The Glow Co, 18 W Main St, Spokane WA 

What:  Reiki infused dance encouraging emotional release through intuitive somatic movement and conscious breath.

My hope is that you will attend this event with the intention to release the heaviness of the past year so you can make room for all the good to come in 2024. Get your tickets, Grab your girlfriends and come dance with us at The Glow Co in Downtown Spokane, WA. Celebrate your femininity with other like minded women in a safe non-judgmental space. This dance is intuitive (not choreographed) with prompts that gently guide you to find your own flow. Reset your nervous system with this Reiki Infused practice. Allow yourself to let go of your worries & just have some fun. You will find yourself leaving clear minded and confident. Can’t wait to see you there sis!


•Wellness shots & snacks

•Ecstatic dancing


•Theraputic journal exercise

•Confidence building exercise

•Collective reading given by a local healer •Opportunity to shop with local women owned small businesses

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